"Wings" Membership

Joffe expertise at your fingertips, on your own schedule!

This membership is designed to provide you asynchronous access to our experts' guidance and unique perspectives on school safety best practices. Each month, our team will produce and record 3 new trainings that are topical and reflect the top needs and concerns of our school partners.

They will cover a variety of topics, and will engage a range of audiences. As a part of your monthly membership, you will get:

  • 3 new pre-recorded trainings every month
  • Corresponding slide decks for your own training use
  • Supplementary materials to accompany trainings
  • 30% discount off our monthly Building Confidence Monthly Trainings

We hope you'll join the ever-growing Joffe community!

Examples of Trainings in our Library:

  • COVID-19 Health and Safety (25 min)
    • For Faculty/Staff
  • Food & Play 'Deep Dive' (23 min)
    • For Administrators
  • Emergency Preparedness at Home (23 min)
    • For all working/learning from home
  • Lockdowns: Drills and Real (19 min)
    • For Administrators
  • The Top 3: Physical Distancing, Hand Hygiene, Masks
    • For Students
  • Masks
    • For Students